Week 21 of Pregnancy 4

Week 21 Pregnancy

Week 21 Pregnancy

This week was pretty boring. I am not mad about that at all. Then, the weekend completely threw me for a loop. I literally hated my life this past weekend.

We had a wedding to attend in Cincinnati.

And we were staying overnight.

And there were no kids allowed.

And my dogs weren’t coming with me.

All of the above were huge issues for me.

I dreaded leaving all week long.

Each night as I went to bed and each morning as I woke up, I was trying to think of excuses not to go. That’s really terrible of me because the wedding we were attending were two pretty good friends of Scott and I’s.

So, the dreaded day came. Raelynn was staying at my mom’s house. And there were a couple of different people watching the dogs and letting them out. But, we were going to an all adult reception, where there was sure to be a shit ton of drinking. I literally did not know what I was going to do with myself.

We ventured there and as soon as we checked into the hotel, we left to go to a pretty cool restaurant so they all could drink and I could eat my feelings. I actually had fun there and I said to Scott several times that I really wanted to come back after I had the baby so I could really indulge.

After a couple of hours at the restaurant, we went back to the hotel to get ready and then head towards the wedding. The wedding was actually in another hotel, and it was incredibly nice. The wedding itself was short and to the point. After the wedding, they had a cocktail hour so they could set up for the reception (the wedding and reception were all in the same room).

And that’s when shit started going down.

Not really “going down”, but basically people getting obliterated. Scott, in particular. In one hour, he had 8…E I G H T, highball glasses of rum and coke. By the time we went into the reception Scott, along with several other people, were well past their way of drunk.

Thankfully the reception ended at 11 and I was ready to head back to the hotel. Everyone else went out. I considered riding home with a couple, and then as I packed my stuff up and thought more about it, I didn’t really want to ride home for about 1 1/2 hours in the middle of the night. I felt okay, I was okay, so I stayed. Man did I royally regret that decision.

I was asleep for about an hour when everyone came back to the hotel room.

By this time, obliteration was an understatement.

Hooting and hollering and ripping and roaring…I wanted to murder someone. By the time they all FINALLY settled down and went to sleep, one of our friends snored all night long. I did not sleep at all except for the one hour before they all came back to the room. I hated my life. I woke everyone up the next day at 8am and told them to get their shit together because we were leaving. Luckily, everyone complied.

I felt so hungover the next day. It was absolutely terrible. It was even more terrible that I did not get to reap any of the benefits from drinking any alcohol and I felt like absolute shit. My body hated me. I hated myself for not riding home with the couple after the wedding. I never nap and the next day while Raelynn napped, I napped for a little bit. I still did not recover well after my nap because I was just plain exhausted.


Second Trimester CrossFit

Overall, I am still feeling really good. And, continuing to get back on track with my eating which makes me extremely happy.

Monday, September 26

Bench Press
1RM Bench Press
1 X 1

No 1RM for me 🙁 – I didn’t even hit my max. It sucked.

8 – Single Leg RDL
8 – KB Snatch
8 – KB Push Press
*Switch Hands Each Round

I RX’d this workout! Finished in 10:52! It was a good day!

Tuesday, September 27

5 Rds
Sandbag/KB Suitcase Carry

I had never done this before, but I liked it. And I also like when I don’t have to keep track of time, reps, etc…..

10min AMRAP
50 – Double Unders
25 – Situps

I modified DU to SU (150 SU) and I did planks instead of sit-ups. I just help the plank for as long as I could – normally ranged around the 45 second mark. My score was 3+100. I just counted the plank as 1 rep. Clearly, I’m not concerned with being the top of the leader board these days…

Thursday, September 29

Front squat/Pushpress complex
2/1 x 5 sets AHAP

I got my weight up to 105#

Boxjump #24/20
Wallball #20/14

I did step ups instead of box jumps. Finished in 6:44.

Friday, September 30



20 – KB Swings
15 – Goblet Squats
10 – T2B

I didn’t log my time……stupid….but, I did K2E instead of T2B. I can tell you that I finished last out of everyone though! LOL