We Skipped Naps. And No One Died.


For real. This happened. And for anyone that knows me, knows this is huge.

I get it, it sounds so fucking dumb. But I am a creature of habit. I thrive on a schedule.

And for me to break a schedule purposely…that’s a big freaking deal.

First of all, I don’t even know what my life is lately. We are so so so so so busy. It’s ridiculous. We have seriously been non-stop for months, it feels like.

Our free time has become even more limited in the past two weeks with Raelynn’s soccer. Just two more days out of the week where nothing gets accomplished. We have a mound of laundry (that is at least clean), that needs to be folded. The mound on the couch just keeps growing and growing and growing.

So many dishes….So many bottles…….so many pump parts that all need to be cleaned. Meal prepping has been put on hold because there is literally zero time to prep meals right now. So many events on the weekends…we have just been living a very abnormal life right now.

This past Saturday, Scott and I had both had plans separately. Then on Sunday, we had plans together with the girls. On Sunday, we were going to a Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival. It was from 12pm – 6pm. Normally, we would wait to go until after the girls nap around 3pm. But, I didn’t really want to wait that long to go and then have to rush through everything.

So, I said fuck it. We are skipping the naps today.

Of course, I didn’t arrive at the decision that easily. Hell no. I contemplated over it for a week. Literally, a week. And I envisioned all of the worst case scenarios that could happen. What are the worst case scenarios? My children would cry and scream. Because no other child on the face of this earth has ever done that, right? I mean, I sound like the biggest idiot ever.

So, what actually happened? We went to the festival, walked around, and enjoyed ourselves. Briar was fairly content all day. Raelynn did get a little crabby and had a couple of emotional breakdowns, but they were limited in time. Really, nothing bad happened. On the way home, they both crashed hard.  And after that, we even went out to dinner.

I mean, we were truly living on the edge on Sunday.

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Today is Wednesday. The mound of clothes still remains on the couch. The dishes still need to be cleaned. S O  M A N Y  D I R T Y  B O T T L E S.


No one died when we skipped naps.

And no one died when we skipped housework to play with our babies.


We are not going to skip naps all the time. Because I look forward to nap time every weekend 🙂 But, for me, it’s so nice to know that the world doesn’t end when we skip naps.

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I had a therapy appointment last week and we talked a lot about my anxiety being in overdrive. I talked to her about me planning to let the girls skip naps on Sunday.

I mean, at the point that I am talking to the therapist about how crazy skipping naps makes me….like, seriously, I should probably be in a mental institution. She basically told me everything I already knew. I didn’t need her to tell me, but I can’t explain it. It just makes me feel better when my therapist tells me stuff.

So that’s my story on how we skipped naps and no one died. Tune in next week to see what other stupid thing makes me lose my mind.