Week 13 of Pregnancy 6

Week 13 of Pregnancy 6

Week 13 of Pregnancy 6

Week 13 was a very busy week.

This week starts a lot of business travel for me.

I am going to have to be out of town on four separate occasions from now until the end of the year.

I am thankful that I am at least starting to feel a little better now. I’m hoping that jumping on an airplane doesn’t make it any worse for me.

This time I just had to go to Cleveland for a day for a business meeting and a training session. I left on Monday night and returned on Tuesday night. Thankfully, I felt perfectly fine.

I did, however, want a beer.

There is just nothing better than an airport beer or a plane beer when you are traveling, no matter if it’s for business or pleasure.

This week was also Halloween week.

And, it was very unfortunate, but Halloween was wet and cold this year. We have a tradition where we go to our friend’s house, have dinner, and then go trick or treating. We decided that we still wanted to do this. It wasn’t pouring rain, but it was definitely raining. We took our umbrellas and braved the night.

elsa halloween

Normally we go up and down and few streets, but this time we just went in her court and to a couple of others houses and called it a night. They still got a lot of candy because people were handing it out to us in handfuls because we were basically their only trick or treaters for the night.

The major point for this week was my monumental therapy appointment.

Scott and I have been wanting to have more holiday functions, especially Christmas functions, at our house. In large part because of the girls. We just want to be able to spend time at home and not worry about taking them from point A to point B and constantly watching the clock while we are at other people’s houses.

When we moved into our house we have now, we instantly asked my parents if they would start coming over to our house on Christmas morning instead of us going there. They immediately agreed. My mom said it would be sad not having Christmas at their house, but they understood and were happy to oblige.

I truly can empathize with her being sad about it.

I know the time will come eventually when the kids don’t want to come to my house for Christmas anymore because they will have a house bigger than mine and kids of their own. They won’t want to leave their house on Christmas morning either. I am grateful they were so willing to come over.

I knew it was going to be a different story when I asked my dad and stepmom. We have always had a rocky relationship due to past history.

My dad was an alcoholic.

He left my mom to be with my stepmom.

We didn’t see each other for several years in a row.

It was just a lot.

We have now moved past all of that, and our relationship is much improved, but, there are still some pain points, I guess you could say.

I asked my dad and stepmom the same year I asked my mom and stepdad and they said no. My stepmom wanted to build the Christmas traditions at their house.

Okay. With one kid, I will entertain it. With two kids I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I did it. But with three, I won’t.

Especially since the third will only be 7ish months old.

I started talking to the therapist about this. I had brought up my feelings to the therapist before about this, but this time, I was serious. We truly weren’t going to go over there for Christmas and I was dreading having “the talk” because they were so adamant before about having it at their house.

I talked to my therapist about ways to talk to them about it and we “what-if’d” the whole session. “What if he says this?” “What if she says that?” How would I handle their reaction? What would I do if they got mad? I had all of these scenarios played out in my head.

Overall, I knew this conversation was going to go one of two ways.

My stepmom was either going to blow up. Or she was going to be fake happy about it.

In all honestly, I’d rather her blow up and be genuinely pissed, then be fake happy.

My stepmom and I have walked on eggs shells for a very long time around each other. It’s just kind of always been that way. We don’t want to piss each other off, but we are both blunt and bold. So our mouths will get us in trouble. It’s always obvious when either of us are holding back. I think we just do it to keep the peace.

Point being, I was scared she was going to be fake happy about it and then come to my house and be miserable when we celebrated Christmas. And I honestly didn’t want that. I know I’m forcing her outside of her comfort zone. I wanted everyone to be there. But, only if they truly wanted to be.

After my therapy appointment, I felt good about having the conversation with my dad and stepmom.

She gave me the tools necessary to be able to handle the conversation in a way that wasn’t confrontational, but also in a way that they wouldn’t back me down.

I knew the conversation had to happen soon or else I would make an excuse to not have it.

I text both of them the next day and said that I would like to come over and talk about some things. They both instantly thought something was wrong. I reassured them that no one was sick, or dying, and no divorcing was taking place. I just needed to talk to the both of them.

Everyone was nervous when I arrived at the house. I was expecting the worst and so were they. I didn’t beat around the bush and just plainly told them that we wouldn’t be coming over for Christmas this year, but we would love to have everyone at our house.

I took a sigh of relief that the statement was finally out. But then I breathed in deep and waited for the backlash.

They were both surprisingly okay with it. I couldn’t believe it. And it was genuine. I can totally detect any fakeness, and there was no fakeness.

I was so happy. SO HAPPY.

At this point, I just wish that I’d had the conversation sooner. It would have saved me a lot of grief. And I’m sure them as well.

Lesson learned.

First Trimester CrossFit

Monday October 29
Power Clean + Power Jerk
1x(1+1) @ 40% = 56#
1x(1+1) @ 50% = 70#
1x(1+1) @ 60% = 84#
1x(1+1) @ 70% = 98#
3x(1+1) @ 75% = 105#

Felt Good.

1×2 @ 40% = 40#
1×2 @ 50% = 50#
1×2 @ 60% = 60#
2×2 @ 65% = 65#
2×2 @ 70% = 70#

My knees are so terrible. They cave in so bad.

3 rounds for time
30 squat cleans 95/65
30 pull-ups
800m run

This was fucking stupid and I hated it the whole time. I used a million bands for strict pull ups.

Tuesday October 30
Split jerk, 2s hold in split
1×3 @ 45%
1×3 @ 50%
1×2 @ 55%
2×2 @ 65%
2×2 @ 70%

These felt good. Focusing on keeping knees out, butt tight.

4 rounds for time
100ft overhead walking lunge (45/35)
30 box jumps
20 wall balls

My glutes. Jesus, my glutes.

Friday November 2
Hang power snatch
1×2 @ 40% = 40#
1×2 @ 50% = 50#
1×2 @ 60% = 60#
1×2 @ 70% = 70#
5×2 @ 78% = 80#

Knees cave in so bad. Really trying hard to focus on this.

30 rounds for time
5 wall balls 14#
1 power clean 115#

Dumb. Just Dumb. Modified HSPU to just kicking up on the wall and breaking my elbows.