Week 21 of Pregnancy 6

Week 21 of Pregnancy 6

Week 21 of Pregnancy 6

This week was Christmas week. For me it was, “Thank God we finally get to send the Elf away week!”

elf on the shelf elf on the shelf elf on a shelf elf on a shelf

I wish I could tell you that I liked Christmas now, but I still don’t like it.

Christmas is just too fucking much. Too much money. Too many presents. Not enough of what actually matters.

I wish Christmas was about eating as much food as your little stomach could handle, socially drinking with your family to enhance the good times, asking about one another’s life, checking in on them since we don’t see everyone often, give a hug, or share an exciting, or even sad, life moment.

I’d rather connect with you on a meaningful level, than a financial level of how much we had to spend on one another to make everyone happy.

I somewhat enjoy the Christmas traditions we have developed with the kids, but it still sometimes seems like too much. Realistically, it’s just me needing to get out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t have Christmas traditions with my family as I was growing up. We didn’t bake cookies, or watch Christmas movies, or have an advent calendar to look forward to.

As a young child, most of my Christmas memories were being hustled and bustled from one house to the next. And because of this, I’ve always hated Christmas.

The day I will 100% enjoy Christmas day is when I do not have to leave my house for the entire day. I want my kids to still be little and stay at home all day. I don’t want to be old and alone at my house on Christmas day.

As the day goes on, you can tell, they are tired and they are over exerted and they are over unwrapping presents.


Overall, Christmas was a success, it just makes for a very, very long and exhausting day.

CrossFit Week 21 of Pregnancy 6

If running around like a mad woman FOR TIME counts as working out, then yea, I worked out all week long…

I’m probably not going to return until the beginning of the year. Yes, I’m being that cliche right now…