Week 39 of Pregnancy 6

Week 39 of Pregnancy 6

Week 39 of Pregnancy 6

If you remember from Week 38, my doctor said the baby was in a posterior position.

I googled it.


I got the majority of my information from spinningbabies.com which has a freaking plethora of information about getting your baby into an ideal position for labor. I honestly wish that I had read this much earlier.

Lucky for me, she is overall in an ideal position which is on the left side of my body. I don’t know the reasoning why the left is better than right, I’m sure it’s explained somewhere in the thousands of resources on the internet. But, for now, I just know that the left side is good. For the past 3 weeks, I know she is on the left side because the doctors have confirmed that for me.

It appears the reason she is not dropping, is because she is possibly sitting on the “brim” of my cervix.

Jolee is essentially stuck.

Babies normally engage in your pelvis, aka, “drop” around 38 weeks.

There are movements and positioning that are suggested on spinningbabies.com that I can do to help get her to engage in my pelvis. I have started to try some of these.

This could really go so many ways.

I could still go into labor without her dropping. The hope would be that the contractions will help get her into the right position for birth. If the contractions don’t help, then I have the potential to be in labor for a really long time. I could still deliver vaginally, but I have a feeling it would be much longer than previous pregnancies. Also, I could labor so long that it could essentially lead to a C-Section which is definitely not ideal for me, but also not the worst thing if she enters the world safe and healthy.

My type A personality does not like not being in control of this situation.

At my 39 week appointment, my doctor confirmed there was still no change in my cervix or dilation. She also said she was still in a posterior position. I asked her if she felt that posed a problem for labor/birth and she said no. She said, she could essentially get in the right position in minutes.

I asked her if they would ever do a membrane sweep (something that may or may not bring labor on) and she said she tried while she was checking me and she couldn’t even reach my cervix.


I then asked the dreaded question. How long would they let me go before they scheduled an induction? She said if I was still pregnant next week which is my actual due date, then they would schedule an induction.

My heart sank.

I had 7 days to convince Jolee to get her shit together before she was forced out.

At this point, I was definitely on a mission to get her out of me without being induced.