I’m sitting at home. ALONE. ALL ALONE. L I T E R A L L Y A L L A L O N E. And it’s been such a great day. I have done so much stuff today that has really filled my cup up to make me a whole human being again. As I […]

one year old

After a hectic start to Jolee’s life…where are we now? Well, I did not keep up month to month posts with Jolee. So, we are pretty much going to jump from 4 months old to now…1 year old. She’s perfect. And feisty. And funny. And I love her so much. As I was editing the […]

infant speech therapy

Throughout the whole Jolee’s Journey with the Bottle…I have remained cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. She’s taken a bottle and then not taken a bottle and then taken a bottle again. I hoped this was the end of everything. I hoped she was really going to take a bottle forever. Well, not forever, but […]

Even though I have been a mom before, I sometimes feel like it’s my first time all over again. I catch myself constantly looking back at my older posts to see what I did with the other kids in terms of sleeping, napping, breastfeeding. But every kid is different. EXCEPT…NONE OF MY KIDS LIKE TO […]

sleepy baby

As I hope you’ve read, we recently put Briar’s bed in Raelynn’s room in hopes they would sleep together. We did this about 4 weeks ago in Week 32, and it’s been going okay. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s to be expected I guess when you integrate a 2 year old into […]

sleepy girls

It’s the beginning of March. And I feel like I am getting a fresh start. For the moment, my anxiety is back in check. I have refocused. And I’m feeling normalish. Whatever normalish is these days. I had a Self-Care Sunday this past Sunday. I went back and visited the salt cave. To refresh everyone’s […]

Week 31 of Pregnancy 6

The week I feel like I am still doing really well. It’s a busy week for us and I feel like there is a lot happening and a lot to tackle. We started potty training Briar. Raelynn and I had a day to ourselves. I had a baby doctor appointment this week with an ultrasound. […]

Week 28 of Pregnancy 6

This week, our little Briar officially turns 2 on January 22. It’s really weird, but I feel like she’s been 2 for a long time. I cannot believe I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and in 15 weeks, I will have one more. What the fuck were we thinking? I haven’t […]

Week 25 of Pregnancy 6

Well, month 6 just crept on by like no big deal and we already in month 7 with Briar. So much has changed from Month 5 to Month 7. Developmentally, all in about one week, Briar was able to situp, CRAWL, AND sit herself up from a crawling position. It’s so incredibly crazy how quick […]

I believe we are approaching what is known as the “Terrible Three’s” with Raelynn. I think it used to be the terrible two’s, but has since transitioned to the terrible three’s. She is a good kid, she really is. But she is giving us a run for our money. And it makes me question EVERYTHING… […]

Well, I’m 4 months into our new life of 4. It’s definitely hectic and we are still trying to figure things out. I’ve been asked several times how much harder are things with two kids. Everything is harder. But, in my personal opinion, the hardest adjustment was going from 0 kids to 1 kid. You […]