I’m sitting at home. ALONE. ALL ALONE. L I T E R A L L Y A L L A L O N E. And it’s been such a great day. I have done so much stuff today that has really filled my cup up to make me a whole human being again. As I […]

one year old

After a hectic start to Jolee’s life…where are we now? Well, I did not keep up month to month posts with Jolee. So, we are pretty much going to jump from 4 months old to now…1 year old. She’s perfect. And feisty. And funny. And I love her so much. As I was editing the […]

infant speech therapy

Throughout the whole Jolee’s Journey with the Bottle…I have remained cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. She’s taken a bottle and then not taken a bottle and then taken a bottle again. I hoped this was the end of everything. I hoped she was really going to take a bottle forever. Well, not forever, but […]

I know. I know. There are probably very few people that agree with me on this. And that’s fine. You don’t have to agree. But, I honestly HATE the Holiday’s. Yes, I am your modern day Grinch. My hatred is deep rooted. As a child of divorced parents, I am always pulled in a million […]


I deem this week, recover from Christmas week. OMG. SO MUCH SHIT. SO MANY TOYS. SO MANY CLOTHES. It’s seriously ridiculous and I have no idea how I’m going to get everything back in order. This week I also want to have all my Christmas decorations down and back in boxes before the new year. […]

Week 22 of Pregnancy 6

This week was Christmas week. For me it was, “Thank God we finally get to send the Elf away week!” I wish I could tell you that I liked Christmas now, but I still don’t like it. Christmas is just too fucking much. Too much money. Too many presents. Not enough of what actually matters. […]

Week 21 of Pregnancy 6

Week 13 was a very busy week. This week starts a lot of business travel for me. I am going to have to be out of town on four separate occasions from now until the end of the year. I am thankful that I am at least starting to feel a little better now. I’m […]

Week 13 of Pregnancy 6

This week was crazy. It was the dreaded Christmas week. And much more excitement. Some good and some bad… The good… We had the entire Christmas Eve holiday all to ourselves. Just me, Scott, Raelynn, and Briar. No where to go. Nothing to do. So what did we do? We did Christmas shit. We watched […]

Every single year I try really hard to enjoy the holiday’s. But, every single year I am reminded why I hate the holiday’s. “What time will you be here?” “How long were you over there?” “We don’t get enough time with you.” I swear to God, I try so hard to enjoy them, but it’s […]