I’m sitting at home. ALONE. ALL ALONE. L I T E R A L L Y A L L A L O N E. And it’s been such a great day. I have done so much stuff today that has really filled my cup up to make me a whole human being again. As I […]

one year old

After a hectic start to Jolee’s life…where are we now? Well, I did not keep up month to month posts with Jolee. So, we are pretty much going to jump from 4 months old to now…1 year old. She’s perfect. And feisty. And funny. And I love her so much. As I was editing the […]

infant speech therapy

Throughout the whole Jolee’s Journey with the Bottle…I have remained cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. She’s taken a bottle and then not taken a bottle and then taken a bottle again. I hoped this was the end of everything. I hoped she was really going to take a bottle forever. Well, not forever, but […]

Remember how I was sick last week? You know, just the typical allergies? Well they ended up kicking my ass. I ended up taking medicine it got so bad. I consulted with the doctor first to see what was safe and she recommended Zyrtec. So that’s what I went with in hopes it would clear […]

Week 37 of Pregnancy 6

This week I was having my last ultrasound of my pregnancy. I was praying she was going to be a good size and they wouldn’t give me any grief for her being too big and suggest a C-Section. I was really excited to see what she looked like this late in my pregnancy. Prior to […]

Week 36 of pregnancy 6

It’s April. I feel like this could potentially be the month that Jolee is born. This makes me happy and also makes me anxious as hell. Overall, I will be happy to not be pregnant anymore. But lately, I have been straight up scared to death of labor. I know I have been through it […]

Week 35 of Pregnancy 6

I had another OB appointment this week. It was nothing super exciting. They were just checking Jolee’s heartbeat and checking in. I proceeded to tell her I was ready for her to get the hemorrhoids off my ass right that second. Seriously though, I asked her everything about surgery, side effects, recovery time…and she said […]

Week 34 of Pregnancy 6

In the midst of everything, I forgot to mention that Scott was out of town last week. He went to Nashville for the SEC tournament. We are huge Kentucky fans. He goes to the SEC tournament every single year. But, I’ve also never been this pregnant while he was away. I was really hesitant at […]

Week 33 of Pregnancy 6

This week, we had a lot of good shit going on. I had another appointment with the OB as well as another follow up ultrasound. I was looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. I was hoping little miss was back down to measuring a normal size as opposed to […]

Week 32 of Pregnancy 6

It’s the beginning of March. And I feel like I am getting a fresh start. For the moment, my anxiety is back in check. I have refocused. And I’m feeling normalish. Whatever normalish is these days. I had a Self-Care Sunday this past Sunday. I went back and visited the salt cave. To refresh everyone’s […]

Week 31 of Pregnancy 6

My anxiety has returned this week. I don’t know what the deal is. So far for 2019, I am finding that the end of the month is a huge trigger for me. I don’t know why, or what is causing it, but just like January, I am anxiety ridden yet once again. I’m not focused. […]

Week 30 of Pregnancy 6

This week continued to be a good and productive week for me. The potty training has still been ongoing. It’s pretty much the same as last week. She’s only been going once or twice a day. We are still using pullups and we are still using her potty watch. Her potty watch is set to […]

Week 29 of Pregnancy 6

The week I feel like I am still doing really well. It’s a busy week for us and I feel like there is a lot happening and a lot to tackle. We started potty training Briar. Raelynn and I had a day to ourselves. I had a baby doctor appointment this week with an ultrasound. […]

Week 28 of Pregnancy 6

This week was so much better. Thank goodness! I find that I am trying really hard to not stay in a rut whenever I get in one. It’s not good for anyone, but especially me. We finally announced our pregnancy on social media! This kind of kicked off the week for me. Starting off a […]

pregnancy announcement

This week was a really hard week for me for a couple of different reasons. First, Raelynn’s night waking continued. Second, I haven’t talked a lot about it because it’s not something I enjoy, but I’ve been working a part time job and I hate it and I’ve wanted to quit from the moment I […]

Week 26 of Pregnancy 6