I’m sitting at home. ALONE. ALL ALONE. L I T E R A L L Y A L L A L O N E. And it’s been such a great day. I have done so much stuff today that has really filled my cup up to make me a whole human being again. As I […]

one year old

After a hectic start to Jolee’s life…where are we now? Well, I did not keep up month to month posts with Jolee. So, we are pretty much going to jump from 4 months old to now…1 year old. She’s perfect. And feisty. And funny. And I love her so much. As I was editing the […]

infant speech therapy

Throughout the whole Jolee’s Journey with the Bottle…I have remained cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. She’s taken a bottle and then not taken a bottle and then taken a bottle again. I hoped this was the end of everything. I hoped she was really going to take a bottle forever. Well, not forever, but […]

Even though I have been a mom before, I sometimes feel like it’s my first time all over again. I catch myself constantly looking back at my older posts to see what I did with the other kids in terms of sleeping, napping, breastfeeding. But every kid is different. EXCEPT…NONE OF MY KIDS LIKE TO […]

sleepy baby

When I say never, I mean, absolutely 100% NEVER have I ever wanted to be a stay at home mom. This is ZERO judgement if you are a stay at home mom. I freaking bow down to you if you are a stay at home mom. You are the real MVP. I love my kids […]

strong daughter

Just like that another week has flown by. I cannot believe we are about to enter into week 4 postpartum already. Overall, nothing major has changed. Jolee still isn’t sleeping more than 3 hours a night, which is expected. I would like to tell you that it’s starting to wear on me, but I feel […]

baby sleep

Well, my glorious 4 hours stretchs of sleep came to a halt this week. I am fairly certain that Jolee is going through a growth spurt. I was aware that growth spurts happen between weeks 2 and 3, so I was ultimately prepared for it. They can last anywhere from a couple of days to […]

postpartum newborn

We left the hospital late afternoon on a Saturday. As we were leaving the hospital, I was concerned about my mental state. I told Scott that I just needed today to recover, but was that really all I needed? Just one day to get my shit together? On top of my extreme emotions from our […]


After Jolee was delivered, we had to spend 2 1/2 days in the hospital. Day 1 was essentially great. I got to meet Jolee. After I gave birth, we did immediate skin to skin. I had a second degree tear so they went straight to sewing me up. Let me tell you, this is not […]

kangaroo care

Yesterday I had such a great doctor appointment in terms of progress. I couldn’t believe I was 4cm dilated. That was so big for me. When my appointment was over, I went home and cleaned the entire house hoping to bring on my labor. I was left with nothing but exhaustion. I went to bed […]

birth story

May 8, 2019. My actual due date. How in the actual fuck am I still pregnant? I cannot believe that I am still pregnant. I was never supposed to see my due date. She was supposed to be here for at least 2 weeks by now. NOPE. Shit man. This was uncomfortable. I did not […]

Week 40 of Pregnancy 6

Spoiler alert…I was pregnant for all of week 39. Yes. ALL OF WEEK 39. Here are some things that I tried this week to help naturally induce my labor and/or get baby in the right position. I bought an exercise ball and I have been sitting, bouncing, doing circles, doing figure eights, ALL THE THINGS. […]

39 weeks pregnant

If you remember from Week 38, my doctor said the baby was in a posterior position. I googled it. WHY? I got the majority of my information from spinningbabies.com which has a freaking plethora of information about getting your baby into an ideal position for labor. I honestly wish that I had read this much […]

Week 39 of Pregnancy 6

I AM ALL THE FUCKING EMOTIONS THIS WEEK. I am finally starting to feel some relief from my bum rib from coughing so much, so now, I no longer feel doomed. I officially told my CrossFit coach that I would not be returning to CrossFit until after I had the baby. Speaking that shit into […]

Week 38 of Pregnancy 5

As I hope you’ve read, we recently put Briar’s bed in Raelynn’s room in hopes they would sleep together. We did this about 4 weeks ago in Week 32, and it’s been going okay. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s to be expected I guess when you integrate a 2 year old into […]

sleepy girls